About us

Veegeo, founded by Floris Veeger in 2012, provides technical advise and support for geothermal projects. As strategic partner and technical advisor Veegeo was part of several of the pioneering geothermal operations in the Netherlands. After these projects were realised, Veegeo stayed on to provide geothermal well production support (e.g., Aardwarmte Vierpolders and Nature’s Heat). Furthermore, Veegeo was part of the team that, for the first time in the Netherlands, drilled to 4 km depth for geothermal exploration (Trias Westland I), or will provide urban district heating (Haagse Aardwarmte Leyweg).

At present we have expanded to a dynamic team of young and experienced subsurface specialists that contribute to the development of a robust geothermal industry in the Netherlands. Our team thrives to make the difference, is proactive, and does not shy away from innovative projects such as the first GRE-tubing/-lining for geothermal energy. We are determined to support our customers and colleagues with thorough field-analyses and precise advise.

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Our team

Ayla Reerink, M.Sc. Geothermal production engineer / manager

Ayla currently leads the geothermal wells production team at Veegeo. Combining a B.Sc. degree in Chemical engineering from University College Leuven-Limburg and M.Sc. degree in Petroleum Engineering from Delft University of Technology, her talents were quickly recognized as a skilful geothermal wells production engineer. Ayla specializes in chemical stimulation design, inhibitor selection, and scaling and corrosion mitigation. In her role as wells production manager, she is responsible for wells production analyses and Wells Integrity Management System (WIMS) maintenance, thereby securing optimal well performance for our customers. Besides, as the current social chair, Ayla is the sustainable voice within the SPE Netherlands chapter.

Floris Veeger, M.Sc. Senior geothermal project manager / CEO

Floris is chief executive officer at Veegeo. He founded Veegeo almost 10 years ago while working as a freelance geothermal production engineer in the preliminary Dutch geothermal industry. Providing strategic advise to all subsurface related E&P activities for several of the pioneering geothermal operations in the Dutch greenhouse horticulture region, Floris was, and is, significantly involved in shaping the current geothermal landscape in The Netherlands. His background in resource engineering (B.Sc. Applied Earth Sciences and M.Sc. Resource Engineering from Delft University of Technology) and vast experience as a driven project manager, including a stint as interim operation manager of a large mining services company in Australia, makes him a well-respected expert and prolific leader for more sustainable future.

Marleen Peeters, M.Sc. Senior well engineer

Marleen is a seasoned well engineer with over 30 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry. Working across the world (incl. UK, Norway, UAE, Malaysia) at a large multinational in various well/drilling engineering roles, she joined Veegeo as senior well engineer and manager after a brief period as technical support at an NGO and senior wells inspector at State Supervision of the Mines (Staatstoezicht op de Mijnen). Marleen holds a M.Sc. degree in Reservoir Engineering from Delft University of Technology and has proven to be a versatile and effective professional. At Veegeo she is responsible for geothermal project management, reviewing well engineering and drilling execution, permits and mining law dispensations, audits of the Veegeo Wells Integrity Management System (WIMS), and guiding our junior engineers.

Steven Leijnse, M.Sc. Senior well / drilling engineer

Steven is senior well engineer / drilling manager at Veegeo. Working up the ranks for over 25 years in the oil and gas industry at several renowned companies, Steven brings a tremendous amount of know-how to the geothermal well engineering field. He has a proven track-record in safely executing challenging drilling operations for different natural resources. At Veegeo, Steven leads multiple geothermal well design and drilling efforts, while also contributing to several workover and well intervention projects. Having received a M.Sc. degree in Petroleum Engineering at Delft University of Technology, he currently provides lectures on drilling and completion for the M.Sc. Petroleum Geology course at Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo (Surinam), and is the Continuous Education Officer at the SPE Netherlands chapter.

Axel Sandén, M.Sc. Project lead workovers & well testing

Axel is project lead for workover and well testing at Veegeo. After receiving his B.Sc. Applied Earth Sciences and M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering degrees at Delft University of Technology he joined Veegeo, where he specializes in ESP and completion engineering, production monitoring and optimisation, and geothermal well testing and stimulation. Axel quickly became a leading geothermal engineering expert, contributing to the design and execution of the first GRE(-lined) doublets (Trias Westland I & II) in the Netherlands. His resourcefulness and vast knowledge of geothermal well engineering is greatly appreciated while leading our customers’ workover and well intervention projects.

Han Claringbould, Ph.D. Geologist / Consultant geothermal energy

Han joined the team after gaining over 10 years of experience investigating exploration-related, Earth scientific problems at several leading academic institutes and companies. After studying geology at Utrecht University (B.Sc.) and Colorado School of Mines (M.Sc.), he was a faculty fellow at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University in New York. His Ph.D. research at Imperial College London and following work at the Earthquake Research Institute of The University of Tokyo involved upper-crustal stress- and strain-evolution. At Veegeo Han is responsible for all geology-related issues, while overseeing the research and innovation efforts. Recently he developed a novel monitoring tool that analyses seismic activity around geothermal operations.

Maurits de Jonge, M.Sc. Junior geothermal production engineer

Maurits is junior geothermal production engineer at Veegeo. He recently finished his B.Sc. Applied Earth Sciences and M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering at Delft University of Technology and joined the team after gaining some work experience completing several reservoir engineering internships at large multinationals. With the knowledge from his experimental M.Sc. project on the effect of water quality and reservoir formation damage using an innovative ‘core-flooding’ set-up, Maurits is a highly-valued part of the geothermal wells production team at Veegeo. He is skilled in streamlining production analyses tools and optimizing well completion and reservoir engineering models. As former president of the Delft student chapter he is still closely involved in shifting the SPE to a greener future.

Linda Penning, B.A. Office manager

Linda is the office manager at Veegeo. Linda takes care of all administrative tasks, external relations, and billing matters. With a B.A. Communication degree at Hoge School InHolland, she gained significant corporate experience as recruitment consultant and logistics organiser at different companies, including an 8-month stint at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. She is an invaluable member of the team, providing effective organising support while efficiently managing all bureaucratic issues that arise.

Leen Vlaming Senior completion & intervention specialist / supervisor

Before joining Veegeo Leen built a prolific career as well services engineer, and well interventions and completion workshop manager in the oil and gas industry across the world (incl. Vietnam, Albania, Trinidad). With over 35 years of experience working for large multinationals, Leen brings his deep understanding of well completions and interventions to the geothermal industry. As senior well completion and intervention specialist at Veegeo, he supervises multiple projects during the key realisation and production phases of our customers’ geothermal projects. With his significant experience as safety performance coach, Leen is a well-regarded professional, assuring safe and effective operations.

Daan Ris, M.Sc. Junior geothermal production engineer

Daan is the most recent addition to our geothermal production team. After finishing his B.Sc. Applied Geosciences and M.Sc. Petroleum Geology at Delft University of Technology he successfully completed a five month internship at large oil and gas company improving the well data management system. At Veegeo Daan utilises those skills to further accelerate the geothermal well data analyses. Furthermore, he applies his in depth understanding on multi-scale fracture simulation from his M.Sc. project towards geothermal reservoir optimisation. As previous managing director and advisory board member of a large student-run employment agency (StuD) Daan does not shy away from complex projects, making him a key member of our geothermal wells production team.

Isabelle Llaneza, B.Sc. Trainee well materials

Isabelle is trainee well materials while finishing her M.Sc. degree in Geo-energy Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Previously, she received her B.Sc. Applied Earth Sciences at the same institute. At Veegeo she is working on her M.Sc. thesis on optimizing material selection for geothermal operations. This research project involves detailed field and lab-analyses of different materials used in geothermal doublets. The main objective is to understand key parameters such as durability and corrosion resilience. Furthermore, Isabelle supports the team with various tasks for many of our different projects. Besides, she is the current president of the SPE Delft Student Chapter.

Najoua Essaf, B.Sc. Trainee geothermal production

Najoua is trainee geothermal production working on her M.Sc. project for her Geo-Energy Engineering degree at Delft University of Technology, where she previously received here B.Sc. in Applied Earth Sciences. Her project involves investigating lead-scaling in geothermal operations. Najoua is combining both field-data analyses with geochemical numerical modelling (using PHREEQC) to get a better understanding of the source of the scaling as well as developing mitigation strategies. Her project is part of the larger multi-institutional, government-funded DIMOPREC research programme on scaling in geothermal system.