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Veegeo is a team of geothermal specialists

Driven and sustainable: from realisation to management of the geothermal operation.

Production and Reservoir Engineering

Production monitoring and optimisation || Well testing || Completion and ESP design || Well integrity monitoring || Scaling and corrosion management || Well stimulation || Reservoir engineering and History matching

Geothermal Project Management

Budget, planning, and quality assurance || Coordination design team geothermal system || Coordination contractors || Well intervention and workover management

Consultancy and Due Diligence

Decision processes during design and project realisation || Set up and execute R&D projects || Oil and gas synergies || Due diligence

Geological Evaluations and Geo-hazard Management

Geological evaluations || Static and dynamic modelling || Seismic Hazard and Risk Analyses (SHRA) || Monitoring and analysing seismic activity (incl. baseline) near geothermal operation || Seismic Risk Management Plan || Subsidence monitoring (based on InSar) || Subsidence Risk Management Plan